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There’s a Place for You at the CCIU

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Chester County Intermediate Unit
Courtesy of Chester County Intermediate Unit

In the field of education, a variety of opportunities beckon those with a passion for shaping young minds and molding the future. The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) offers a variety of career paths with the potential to make a profound impact on the lives of the next generation. One of 29 regional educational agencies in Pennsylvania, the CCIU offers a vast array of services available to over 86,000 students and 6,000 educators throughout the county’s 12 school districts.  

The Chester County Intermediate Unit’s major services include special education, technical education, staff development, and curriculum services. Since 1971, the CCIU has helped individuals unlock their potential through these avenues and more.  

Courtesy of Chester County Intermediate Unit

The CCIU provides a variety of services, programs and experiences to meet the needs of all learners. These include behavioral and mental health supports, opportunities for those looking to grow outside of the traditional classroom structure, individuals trying to take the next step in their careers, and teachers looking to expand their knowledge.  

Our organization helps families from all economic backgrounds and students of all ages. And that’s just the beginning. The CCIU accomplishes these goals through a culture of innovation, collaboration, community, and customer service. Our vision statement is “Educational leadership for a better Chester County and beyond.” And we strive to live up to that message.  

The CCIU has the size, experience, and connections across the state of Pennsylvania to research every area of the education field. We don’t just meet our customers’ needs. We believe in always exceeding expectations and working to find the best solutions for school districts in Chester County and beyond. Partnering with local businesses and organizations helps us elevate local communities.  

Courtesy of Chester County Intermediate Unit

The culture at the CCIU promotes teamwork, creativity, professional growth, high morale, and new opportunities for everyone. We focus on making sure that everyone feels respected, accepted, and appreciated. Our employees take pride in everything the organization strives to accomplish. That’s what makes it such a special place to work.  

The CCIU promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. It believes that the differences among its employees can help everyone leverage their skills, unleash innovation, and ultimately become a strength of the entire organization. And it doesn’t just believe in educating its teachers and students. The CCIU offers tuition reimbursement for employees and encourages them to develop professionally by becoming lifelong learners.  

Staff wellness is a priority at the CCIU. Employees are offered paid vacation along with sick and personal days that accrue over their time with the organization. Some positions are 10-month jobs and include summers off. The CCIU also offers comprehensive medical benefits, disability insurance, and lifestyle reimbursements that promote healthy habits.  

When faced with challenges, the CCIU believes in overcoming them together. It believes that its employees and divisions are strong on their own, but they’re even stronger when working as a team. Through this approach, the CCIU is able to improve the lives of all learners, teachers, and members of the community.  

If you’re motivated to create a better future for students and families, the Chester County Intermediate Unit wants you on its team. Don’t wait. Join Team CCIU today by visiting