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Redefining Modern Client-Agency Relationship With Deerfield Group

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Deerfield Agency
Courtesy of Deerfield Agency

In the constantly evolving world of healthcare marketing, where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are ever-changing, Deerfield Agency stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With services spanning preclinical brand strategy and corporate communications to late-stage product and brand management, we are the world’s first and only Agency of Brand®. From providing expert consultation and strategic execution to serving as a full agency of record, we are purpose-built to redefine the traditional agency model and scale with our clients as a trusted agency partner.

Founded to eliminate the belief that clients deserve marketing solutions that are as dynamic and forward-thinking as they are, Deerfield was born out of a recognition that the status quo wasn’t cutting it anymore. Since then, our team of dedicated professionals has continued to transform healthcare marketing through our simple yet profound mission: to provide extraordinary work at an exceptional value. 

Courtesy of Deerfield Agency

Recent Accomplishments 

Last year was full of remarkable accomplishments for our agency. Following our 2022 acquisition of Verge Scientific Communications, we formed Deerfield Group LLC to accurately reflect – and house – our newly expanded capabilities and expertise. Through this successful integration, we have strengthened our ability to deliver Agency of Brand-quality work earlier in a brand’s life cycle for our current and future clients.

We also launched Asset2it®, our proprietary, state-of-the-art sales enablement solution. This intuitive tool allows your sales and market access teams to transform standardized assets into personalized selling tools to meet the needs of every recipient. Designed to complement organizations’ current CRM platforms, Asset2it provides them with a centralized app for easy management and sharing of brand assets, more meaningful HCP engagements, and better business outcomes. 

Structure and Services

In 2014, Deerfield began as a print management company. However, it soon evolved into more than just another healthcare marketing agency. Founded with the goal of eliminating the unnecessary inefficiencies of the traditional agency model, our unbiased approach means we’ll become an extension of our client’s marketing team, including putting experts on-site to deliver our knowledge in person, to provide smarter, faster, and more creative solutions with undeniable results. What does this mean for our clients? No job is too small or too big to benefit from our agency’s passion and expertise.  

Regardless of who we’re working with or what obstacles we are trying to overcome, Deerfield Group is committed to pushing the limits of what an agency can do with services and solutions that are designed to empower clients’ life science innovation. Our 140+ industry leaders of scientists, brand strategists, creatives, and technology and media experts will do whatever it takes to understand their business, science, and technology. The result? A unified and ownable brand story our clients can carry with them through all stages of their brand’s life cycle, from prelaunch awareness to post-launch leadership. 

Courtesy of Deerfield Agency

Future Plans

Deerfield was built on the idea of unbiased collaboration, and that starts with us. As a result, our future requires us to advance our ability to be a qualified agency partner who brings value to every table where we’ve been given a seat. On one hand, this means investing in the acquisition of more agency assets that can help shape our company. On the other, we remain committed to fostering homegrown excellence through frequent and continuous employee improvement opportunities, such as The Learning Lab, a series of educational presentations that align internal training with our agency’s growing capabilities. These initiatives aim to support employees’ personal and professional growth so everyone’s achievements become part of our company’s legacy, especially when they help our clients not only achieve but also exceed their business goals.  

Philanthropy and Citizenship

Deerfield Group is a human-inspired healthcare agency, both in and out of the office. When we’re not partnering with our clients to break them free from the marketing status quo, we strive to share our culture of collaboration with our wider communities. This includes hosting a variety of wide-ranging community service events that support the health and wellness of multiple local populations. After all, helping people live healthier lives is what our agency is designed to do.