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Reclaim a good night’s sleep with this low-profile anti-snoring device

A good night’s sleep does more than just ensure that you’re well-rested for what’s in store the next day. If you find yourself on the other end of a good night’s rest, you know all too well how challenging making it through the following day can be. Perhaps more important than a good night’s rest, uninterrupted sleep has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our immune systems, hormones, cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

If you’re someone who struggles with snoring, then you’ve likely experienced the devastating impact it can have on your attempts at uninterrupted sleep. The Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Sleep Aid Muscle Stimulator could be just what you need to finally say goodbye to those restless nights. Normally $119, it’s available for just $68.95 for a limited time.

To use the device, simply attach the included electrodes directly below the chin. The compact Snore Circle then clips onto the electrodes. As you sleep, the device detects when you’re snoring and triggers the muscle stimulator, which emits 10-60Hz mixture micro impulses to your chin to open your airways, allowing you to breathe smoothly and quietly.

Snore Circle boasts a run time of 20 hours and a standby time of 50 hours. This product ships with a charging cable, a charging base, 10 conductive strips and an information-packed user manual. You can easily pair the Snore Circle with the Sleeplus app, available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, to collect data on your sleep and monitor how you improve over time. 

Wearable technology outlet WEARABLE gave the Snore Circle glowing reviews, while Cool Wearable writes, “So you are tired of snoring and disturbing your partner at night? With Snore Circle, you can deal with it.” You too can reclaim a good night’s sleep and the health benefits that accompany it by purchasing the Snore Circle at its limited-time price today.

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