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Middle Schoolers can be themselves at Malvern Preparatory School

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Malvern Preparatory School
Malvern Preparatory School Courtesy of Malvern Prep

At Malvern Preparatory School, today’s young men become tomorrow’s leaders.

In a focused, all-boys environment, Malvern’s Middle School students learn at a deeper level by fostering inquisitive thinking, character development, and lifelong friendships.

“Our mission is to embed our Augustinian values of Truth, Unity, and Love into everything we do. We want our students to become well-rounded citizens and encourage them to make a positive impact on the world,” said Middle School Counselor William Haus.

Students at Malvern Prep follow in the footsteps of St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church, as they learn to listen to the wisdom of their inner teacher.

Located in the Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pennsylvania, the school’s 103-acre campus is home to many buildings, including Middle and Upper School academic facilities that span grades 6 through 12.

From the first day of Middle School until Upper School graduation, every student at Malvern receives personalized guidance, access to state-of-the-art resources, technologies, facilities, and the proper tools to become a selfless leader.

Courtesy of Malvern Prep

Learning on campus

Malvern middle schoolers have the unique opportunity to learn on a college-like campus where students enjoy an independent school experience that prepares them to excel at the next level and lead meaningful lives.

“We’re lucky to have these amazing facilities, many of which embrace students’ creativity and curiosities,” said Haus. “Students can even pick up a new trade, like woodworking or ceramics, in classes held in the Duffy Arts Center.”

The Duffy Arts Center boasts a 600-seat theater at its core and is wrapped by music classrooms and art studios. Inside, students have access to an 80-seat band rehearsal room, 50-seat chorus room, a recording studio, and 2D and 3D fine arts and ceramic studios.

After creating their latest masterpiece, students can even stop by the campus coffee shop, The Friar’s Cup, for a snack, or to the St. Augustine Center for Social Impact to check on the animals in the Connelly Zoo.

As students make their way back to classrooms and shift their focus, a team-based approach helps teachers quickly pivot to meet individual needs to ensure success.

“Malvern Prep is a special place. You can start to feel it when you come on campus. Our teachers are very invested each individual student. We want to be part of their lives and look out for them,” said Middle School Learning Specialist Kim Krause.

In Middle School, counselors strive to establish and maintain an open and active relationship between students, faculty, and parents.

Scheduled counseling blocks address executive function skills, stress management, relationship management, and decision-making.

“Part of Middle School is learning who you are, and that’s a difficult process. My job is to help them along the way and foster an environment where they can be themselves,” said Haus.

Courtesy of Malvern Prep

Life outside the classroom

Beyond regular classroom work, young men at Malvern deepen their understanding of the world through co-curricular experiences.

Students can explore hidden talents and find new passions through nearly 30 clubs and activities, or on one of 57 sports teams at Malvern Prep. Faculty and staff members coach and moderate co-curricular activities and ensure that students find their niche and develop skills that complement their academics.

“I am a big proponent of students getting involved with anything outside of the classroom, whether it’s a club, our theater program, or joining a sports team. It’s a chance for our boys to welcome and create friendships that form deeper bonds,” said Haus.

Whether a student is taking their final bow after performing in the Middle School’s production of The Wizard of Oz or racing towards their latest sports victory, they’re encouraged to explore their interests both in and out of the classroom. “We’re looking for well-rounded students that have an open mind and are willing to put themselves out there and try new things. We’re trying to grow the whole student,” said Krause.

Courtesy of Malvern Prep

Joining a lifelong brotherhood

Filling the role of parent longer than an employee at Malvern Prep, Krause, a mom of four boys, understands the importance of investing in an education that helps a child grow and cultivates a strong sense of community.

“This school is well worth it. My sons have become better humans by just being enrolled here,” said Krause. “We have made so many memories at Malvern, from Christmas tree lightings to concerts. The bonds we’ve created with other families will last a lifetime.”

Discover Malvern Prep at one of their Spring Admissions Events and explore the many opportunities available to your son.