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Rush Order Tees
Courtesy of Rush Order Tees

Whether you’re a Netflix employee gearing up for a chill night in, a National Geographic photographer seizing the next wildlife snapshot, or a member of Philadelphia’s 76ers hitting the court, there’s a good chance the company t-shirt you’re sporting originated from – a mighty force in Philly, churning out custom apparel for customers in the US and Canada.

From humble beginnings in 2002, when Michael Nemeroff co-founded with his brother Jordan and sister Alexis when they were in high school.  Since then, this eCommerce company has emerged as a powerhouse in the custom t-shirt printing business. Nestled in Northeast Philadelphia, 10 minutes from where they grew up, the company boasts 250+ employees, with millennials making up 80% of its workforce. Many employees note the enduring sense of a family-run enterprise resonating throughout all departments, even as the company grows.

Courtesy of Rush Order Tees

Production Director Joe Wolos has been with the company for over a decade, witnessing its evolution from a tight-knit group of 50 individuals. He’s worked closely with Nemeroff, observing the company’s expansion while maintaining their close one-on-one relationship. Employees often highlight Nemeroff’s personal touch, as he knows his employees on a first-name basis, making such connections not a rarity, but rather a given.

“He’s been an incredible mentor and coach to me. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from his guidance, and he’s certainly helped me advance through the ranks here, which I truly value. I’ve built a career here, and what I appreciate most about working at RushOrderTees is our sense of community and family,” said Wolos. “We’re a tight-knit group, always supporting each other and collaborating as a team to overcome any obstacles we face.” 

Annually, designs and prints an impressive 10,000,000+ shirts, serving small and large clients worldwide. But behind these numbers lies a tale of true dedication. Tim Donahue, a Project Specialist at, vividly recalls a moment when the team rallied in a frenzy to ship 2000 shirts internationally to various cities in a hurry.

“We all scrambled,” Donahue said. “Regardless of our departments, we dropped everything to ensure each package was meticulously prepared for destinations spanning the globe—places like Romania, France, Poland, and beyond. It was a rush, quite literally, to hand-roll and package shirts, ensuring they reached their destinations on time.”

In those moments, the team’s commitment transcended borders, embodying the spirit of’s global impact.

But it’s more than just fabric and ink. Their company and custom apparel transcend mere clothing — it embodies a profound sense of belonging and unity. This ethos lies at the heart of, where every custom garment is crafted with pride to foster stronger connections within organizations which they provide them for.

Courtesy of Rush Order Tees

For Jordyn Erard-Coupe, Director of Media, serves as a platform to engage with over 1.5 million followers across their loyal following on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

“Our mindset is that anyone, at any time, could need custom apparel for any event,” said Erard-Coupe. “Whether it’s a 10-year-old who wants a custom T-shirt for a concert or a birthday party, or if it’s a company outfitting all their employees, there’s this vast range of people.”

Embracing the moniker of “rule breakers of screen printing,” as coined by Erard-Coupe, has employed a bold positioning strategy where entertainment and education comes first, which has garnered significant attention and engagement on various social media platforms. Their accounts collectively receive an average of 80 million views per month across all platforms.

Courtesy of Rush Order Tees

By shedding light on the artistic intricacies of screen printing and offering insights into the production process, provides an immersive experience for its audience, inviting them to delve into the creative realm of custom apparel production.

Diversifying from solely the traditional one-ink-per-screen approach of screen printing to state of the art Digital Printing methods, is capable of printing full color logos with no minimums on every apparel product in their catalog. This capability not only enhances the visual appeal of their customers’ products but also adds an element of fun and excitement to the creative process.

Through their commitment to experimentation and pushing the boundaries of conventional techniques, empowers customers and employees alike to explore new possibilities and express their individuality through their custom apparel.