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Creative Kids: 8 Family-Friendly Coloring Apps

Photo: fizkes via 123RF

If you have artistic kids who are constantly running through your supply of crayons and paper, try supplementing their creative outlets with digital coloring apps. With options for all ages, these apps are easy to take on the go and offer a never-ending supply of images for your kids to color. Coloring can help kids relax, focus, and nurture their creative sparks – we’ve rounded up eight of the best kids’ coloring apps available so that they can start exploring their artistic sides today!

PBS Kids Coloring

If you’re looking for digital coloring to engage your preschooler, then the PBS Kids coloring apps are a perfect fit. Featuring characters from all of your child’s favorite shows, these coloring games use various formats to combine learning with coloring. Some apps have lots of different tools so that your child will learn what objects make what marks on a page, while others focus on community as your child colors pictures of neighborhood helpers. You don’t have to worry about ads or other content popping up on the app or desktop versions, either, so you can leave your preschooler to her own devices coloring away!

Colorfy (iOS, Android)

If you have an older child (11+) looking for a great space to express themselves, try Colorfy. With lots of images to choose from, even in the free version (premium unlocks more images and features), your child will enjoy the array of tools, textures, and colors available. Other features include the ability to share your creations on social media and even create your own mandala images to then color! Blank canvas screens also encourage unlimited creativity.

Toonia Colorbook

One of the best options for toddlers, Toonia offers lots of free pages with simple shapes and images. Kids can use their fingers to swipe and color, and selecting a different shade is easy for the youngest crowd. You can pay to unlock more image bundles and colors.

Pinkfong Coloring Fun (iOS, Android)

If you have a child who’s obsessed with the Pinkfong characters (Baby Shark included), then you’re in luck! The Pinkfong Coloring Fun app features all of the supporting characters we know and love along with special “extras” like stickers and glitter. You can even upload your own images to create cards for sharing digitally. This app is best on a touchscreen so that kids can swipe their fingers back and forth to mimic a brushstroke.

Photo: milkos via 123RF

Happy Color

This color-by-number style app boasts hundreds of pictures to choose from and a wide array of color palettes. When you’ve completed a picture, a short animation of your coloring journey plays; kids will love sharing this animation with friends and family! The “Simple” category of images is suitable for ages 7+, but all others are best for age 11+ due to the necessary dexterity and patience. Ads for other games (all PG) play periodically, so monitor your child if necessary.


A great option for the elementary crowd, PicoToons offers cartoon-like illustrations with lots of fun tools for coloring (colors, textures, glitter!). The best part of this app is its ability to customize the settings and user interface to match your child’s needs. Ad-free and enjoyable, this app is high on the list if you’d like to give your child space to independently do something engaging.


For a memorable combination of digital and physical fun, Quiver’s augmented reality apps allow you to print an image, color it, then upload it to the app for 3D fun. As self-professed “edutainment” experts, Quiver’s coloring packs often relate to meaningful lessons about the environment and our world. You can access many free packs or pay/subscribe for a wider variety. This is a great option for kids who need to limit screen time or practice the physical dexterity that comes from coloring with tangible implements.

Voxly 3D Color by Number

Kids often love big, bold, and exciting – Voxly’s 3D color-by-number app delivers on all three. The hundreds of free images feature characters and designs that older (7+) users will love, and the interface is easy to use. With new content added frequently and the ability to share images with friends and family, this app will be top of your kid’s list. The free version gives you great access to content, but you can subscribe for an even bigger selection and an ad-free experience.

Let your kids explore their creative side with these coloring apps today!