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6 Exciting Math Apps for Kids of All Ages

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If you’re looking for more educational material to keep the kids occupied while school is out for the summer, try these math apps! Geared towards kids in preschool through middle school, these apps aim to explore and practice math skills through fun visuals, compelling storylines, and unique puzzles. Before long, your kids will be begging to learn more math! Here are six of the best apps to try this summer with your kids.


Do you have a student who loves math and adventure? Or maybe just adventure? The Prodigy math app combines a video-game feel with math practice to make learning new material (or practicing last year’s lessons) engaging and fun for kids in grades 1-8. The free version allows kids to create an avatar and journey through magical realms solving puzzles. They battle creatures by answering math questions and pick up friendly pets along the way. Upgrading to a premium account gives more rewards and quest options, while a connected parent account allows you to monitor your child’s progress through various skill sets. It’s a favorite for those who like to socialize while learning because kids can also play online with their friends by choosing the same server!

Freckle Math

Freckle was originally designed for use in classrooms, but due to the surge in homeschooling over the last year, they’ve made their apps available to parents and kids for free (you can upgrade your account for more features). The math portion of Freckle features a variety of games that focus on particular skills – everything from basic counting, arithmetic, and number literacy all the way to geometry, time, currency, and complex math problem-solving! When kids start a new skill, they’ll complete a short series of questions to determine the appropriate beginning level. Questions get progressively more difficult as your child masters the material. Along the way, kids can earn coins to buy clothing, backgrounds, and gear for their animal avatar in the shop!

Math Slide

”All the way from New Zealand comes a collection of math apps that are fun and to the point for your kids. Math Slide has separate apps for different skill sets – counting, arithmetic, place value, etc. Currently available on iPad only, these apps are quickly gaining popularity, thanks in part to their collaboration mode where kids can log on and play together to work towards a win! If you’re looking for basic yet engaging math apps that are designed by full-time educators, the Math Slide collection is for you.

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The Math Tree

A great app for the younger crowd, preschoolers, and kindergartners will love learning basic counting, addition, and subtraction skills with this app. It’s easy to use and simple – you won’t have to worry about kids clicking around and getting distracted. Using beautiful graphics of a tree, animals, and fruits, kids will solve basic arithmetic problems and earn rewards upon completion. With its soothing music and calm visuals, this app is a great option for allowing math practice without overstimulation; currently available for Apple products for $1.99, this app is worth the price.

DragonBox Math

If you have a child who likes to explore the why behind things in the world, the DragonBox math games are a must-have. Thousands of parents have declared that this app is well worth it. DragonBox’s mission is to help kids learn and explore math beyond equations and simple questions. By applying math skills and concepts in various ways, kids come to understand and appreciate the tools they’re practicing in a whole new way. There are apps suitable for kids ages 5-12, all with engaging graphics, characters, and puzzles that will help your child find their love of learning!

Khan Academy Kids

An award-winning option for kids ages 2-6, Khan Academy Kids offers appropriately paced and research-driven content for your preschool and early elementary-aged children. The app has games, stories, puzzles – you name it! While there is a dedicated math section, many of the math skills are touched upon in other areas, as well, helping your young child learn to be a well-rounded thinker and problem-solver. The characters are friendly and calm, and the free app promises to remain ad-free. Getting kids excited about math and learning has never been easier!

Whether you have a child who loves math or is more hesitant, these apps will introduce fun and games into their learning, so give them a try today!